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"Could not have improved my skills without you. Being progressive in nature I found it very easy to pick up the concepts."

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International Trade

Overview - Screenshots - Purchase

This program is currently under revision and is NOT available.


There is now a solution to teaching ABSOLUTE and COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE THEORIES. DON'T!

This Windows based, graphical, computer work unit covers the entire topic of ABSOLUTE and COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE from introduction to final summary notes. Students can work at their own pace. As they work through this program, they type up their own notes. These notes are compared to a master summary to be sure that they have the essential details. The notes are then printed out at the end of the unit and can be kept as part of their usual study folder notes.

The work unit uses easy to follow but realistic examples. Students interact continuously with the computer and therefore quickly obtain an understanding of these two theories. They can work backwards and forwards through the topics (or select a specific section) to make sure their understanding is complete. There is a glossary of terms and help modules available to ensure that students do cover the whole topic.

This program has been tested with classes and, like other computer programs (that you may already have) from COTTONSOFT, is designed by teachers, making it useable and relevant to yours, and your students needs.

This is a fully interactive program, students can work their way backwards and forwards through the unit. Cost Australian dollars $275 (Price includes a site licence).

Overview - Screenshots - Purchase
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