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"Thanks for your support this year it was great and I was pleased to be able to complete IT Certificates II, III & IV. I would recommend and have recommended your computing course to others. It has been a pleasure doing the studies this year, which has enhanced my computer skills to a level which gives me a greater understanding of the PC. I will endeavour to go much further now that your course has given me a launch pad."
D.O, St Andrews, NSW

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World Climate

Overview - Screenshots - Purchase

This program is under revision and currently not available.

Global warming or another ice age?

Fixed and variable graph scales for all locations.

Browse through and analyse the climatic graphs of hundreds of cities throughout the world.

Analyse the effects of global location, &/or altitude &/or distance from the coast on climatic conditions.

An excellent resource to stimulate interest and discussion by students.

Can be used by a variety of subject areas: geography, maths, science, agriculture and social science.

The database is very easy to use via mouse buttons, the structure follows the standard database terminology, allowing the program to be used to teach database skills. Detailed query options available to produce sub-set groups of cities. Cost A$475 (Price includes a site licence).

Overview - Screenshots - Purchase
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