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"I have learnt so much more now. I feel confident to enter the workforce or start my own business. Top notch!"

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The Strategist

Overview - Screenshots - Purchase

Latest Version is a complete rewrite of the original program from 1987. Version 2 is a better reflection of the real world. Released September 2012.

Decisions of life & death, freedom & poverty.

BAGAMIE is a poor country; it needs to have decisions made about how it will develop.

You choose to spend money on guns or hospitals, food or tourist resorts... The computer simulates real world events (floods, droughts, riots...) and calculates the results of the decisions YOU make.

You decide if and where to allocate funds. No two simulations are the same. Real world events enhance or limit the development decisions you make.

As Bagamie develops, more options become available and funds have to be allocated over an expanding economic base.

Ideal for senior economic classes, commerce or government subjects.

Students find it an enjoyable and extremely useful learning experience that helps them to understand the problems, characteristics and development strategies of lesser developed countries.

You can focus on issues facing lesser developed countries, balanced V's unbalanced growth, factors limiting development and the complexity of the development process. The program costs $A595 which includes a site licence.

Detailed information in pdf format

Overview - Screenshots - Purchase
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