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"I have learnt so much more now. I feel confident to enter the workforce or start my own business. Top notch!"

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About Us
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Computer & Business Training
Cottonsoft provides practical, nationally recognised distance education courses in Information Technology/Computing and Business Studies at affordable prices. These courses are supplied directly to both private individual and corporate end users, and are also used by other course providers.

Educational Software
At Cottonsoft we also supply educational software to schools and colleges. We specialise in providing affordable site licensed software and will supply it "on approval".

Cottonsoft was established in 1987, at Mt Cotton - that's where the name came from - a naive ambition to produce educational software.

The Strategist - the first program produced was a collaboration between engineers and teachers. Computers were new, schools were just getting a "class set". Two of the current Cottonsoft directors, Neville Maloney and Ian Price were founding members of the company. The Strategist has been amazingly successful - almost half of the high schools in Australia purchased the program.

Other programs quickly followed, including an interesting simulation on the procedures to follow during a cyclone, Cyclone Survivor. Produced with the assistance of the Queensland State Emergency Services, it provides an interesting way of learning about what you should and should not do when a cyclone is heading your way.

International Trade, a work unit on international trade theories was produced in the Christmas school holidays, one year. Written on butchers paper and programmed from hand written diagrams, it has no doubt been a blessing to many economic teachers who agonise every year about how to teach these rather strange and difficult theories.

World Climate, a database and Knowtype, a typing tutor followed.

Other utility programs Knowsave and a number of tutorials and books have been relegated to the archives, to be reflected on occasionally.

For a while Cottonsoft assembled computer components and had a range of computers under the "Wild Mountain" label. Our forte, was though, and still remains the ability to explain what computing is all about.

Teachers were being asked to run computer systems and teach classes computer skills, at least how to use a word processor, but very few teachers had any computer training. Cottonsoft began putting a manual together for the head computer teacher in each school. That manual grew, changed and over many cups of coffee turned into an all-encompassing instruction for the new computer users.

Fundamentals of Computing, our first serious course, was bought by schools, government departments, businesses from farmers to BHP, and people interested in this new computing phenomena.

Fundamentals of Computing after much effort became the accredited course, Computer Use & Administration. Cottonsoft became a registered training organization. The rest is now the contents of our web site.

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