- A History of the Waughs -

The sections below make up the contents of the book "A History of the Waughs" published in 1996 as a compilation of material for family reunions held in Tenterfield and Port Macquarie NSW, Australia.
These files are the 2006 update of those notes.
The files below will probably open in your browser as a pdf file that you can read. You can save the file to your computer and then read and or print sections at any time. Part 2 is a very large file and will take a little while to open in your browser be patient and only press the blue link text once.

Part 1 - The introduction (3417KB)
Part 2 - “Aussie” William Waugh 1808 - 1854 (13412KB)
Part 3 - “Aussie” Alexander Waugh 1814 - 1894 (7208KB)
Part 4 - The other lines (6337KB
Part 5 - The 1996 Reunions in Tenterfield and Port Macquarie NSW, Australia (3396KB)
Part 6 - A commentary on a book written by James Hay in 1830 about the life of Alexander Waugh DD 1754 - 1827. (3835KB)
Part 7 - The John OXLEY Connection (4585KB)
Part 8 - "Words of Waugh" originally a separate book by Chris Honeyman (1969KB
Part 9 - The last 19 pages. (6551KB
This last section is 19 large, A3 size handwritten sheets, that were produced by Ruth Waugh (the great grand daughter of Alexander Waugh DD 1754 - 1827) in 1916.
The notes were added to by Edith Mary (May) White, the great granddaughter of William (the one we have referred to as “Wealthy William”) 1788–1866 and Ann's Harvey. May White was 104 in 1996.
Take your time and study them (they do take an effort) but they are decipherable. The starting point is to work out your relationship to Thomas Waugh 1706 and then you can try to follow the relationship of others in the sheets or their descendants you may know. These sheets provide a valuable research tool for anyone tracing a line of the Waugh family.