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"Just wanted to say thankyou for the IT Cert IV course that I have just completed. The quality, presentation and support offered by Cottonsoft is far superior to anything on offer at TAFE. Is it likely in the near future that you will offer more IT courses?"

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Business Management

Overview - Enrol

The certificate IV courses provide excellent skills for people working in retail, sales and offices, much of the content is reinforcing existing skills.Consider the advantages for your business and its staff of: -

  • Having skills to confidently work with customers and clients
  • Formal, nationally recognised qualifications
  • Recognition of all existing skills to ease the study load
This nationally recognised Certificate IV qualification covers a comprehensive series of key issues for the successful businessperson.

Monitor a Safe Workplace is compulsory the remaining units can be negotiated as you undertake the course.

Coordinate Business Resources
This unit covers the skills and knowledge required to determine and analyse existing and required resources, their effective application and the accountability for their use.

Develop Work Priorities
What to do first and how to make sure the right things get done. Being organised and knowing that there is a good basis for your priorities makes work easier and more effective.

Establish Business Networks
No business is an “island” any more. You need to link with other businesses, government departments, industry associations/groups and community groups to maintain currency, credibility and profitability.

Develop Teams and Individuals
How can we get the best out of all members of your staff? It’s a never-ending task to get the combination just right. This will offer practical and effective approaches to improve the skills and abilities of your staff.

Promote Products and Services
You can make it/build it but “will they come”? The answer is “Yes” … if they the customer/client knows about it and you can supply the goods or services from “woe to go”. This unit will expand and develop this essential business skill.

Coordinate Implementation of Customer Service Strategies
Get it right, keep it right and the customer will be right when they compliment your excellent service. Having a system in place that is designed to provide effective service is the basis of this fascinating unit.

Monitor a Safe Workplace
This unit will develop vital skills in Occupational Health & Safety The activities in this unit get you to create or evaluate the OH&S policies of your workplace. The Monitor a Safe Workplace unit has been written with an emphasis on an office/indoor workplace.

Promote Innovation in a Team Environment
What you’re using today will be old hat tomorrow. All workers need to be able to adopt and make the best possible use of future changes.

Analyse and Present Research Information
Getting the message across is vital and getting complex information into a format that can be understood is almost a form of art. You will be the artistic performer once you have mastered the skills in this unit.

Write Complex Documents
Maximise your skills and performance in using MS Word. Understand design and layout form and correct style and use of effective features of wrod processing.

Develop and use Complex Spreadsheets
Crunching the numbers and providing great reports is the job of spreadsheets. Our course reflects the current industry practice of using Excel. Make the most of the incredible range of possibilities offered by this program for your business career.

Design and Develop Complex Text Documents
This unit is for the person who wants to understand what’s happening to their data and how to manage it using the complex and powerful Access program. Create and modify your own databases. Extract the information that you need to successfully improve your business.

Manage Projects
From start to finish there are steps that need to be followed. Projects get done when you can identify the steps and select and manage the priority for each. This unit will give you those skills.

Organise Meetings
Being able to conduct and manage meetings confidently are essential tools for most business leaders and managers. Procedure and organisation; the rules and “how to do it” are the basis of this unit.

Undertake Marketing Activities
How do you get a specific product into the marketplace? Covers the basic rules of promotion.

Identify & Apply Risk Management Processes
If we knew of the future what we know of the past it might be a little easier to manage what we do. This units looks at planning to solve potential problems.

Implement Customer Service Standards
Note that this unit is not about delivering service directly to the customer, but rather responsibility for the implementation of the customer service systems, policies and procedures.

Address Customer Needs
What does the customer really want and how do you know that?

Implement Effective Workplace Relationships
Learn the leadership skills to help with motivating, mentoring, coaching and developing staff and team cohesion.

Implement Operational Plan
Safe, effective operations within a firm are created by good planning. A unit on short term planning techniques.

Promote Team Effectiveness
Frontline managers have an important leadership role in the development of efficient and effective work teams.

Implement Workplace Information System
Gets you thinking about why things are done. It involves the identification, acquisition, initial analysis and use of appropriate information relating to the firms operation.

Implement Continuous Improvement
Frontline managers have an active role in implementing the continuous improvement process in achieving the businesses objectives.

Show Leadership Skills in the Workplace
The ability to make informed decisions, prepare and implement plans in a timely fashion. The role and use of Feedback to monitor the impact of your decisions

Make a Presentation
This unit applies to individuals who may be expected to make presentations for a range of purposes: marketing, training, promotions… Communications skills and the tools that can be used.

Lead & Facilitate Off-site Staff
This unit is about the supervision of staff who perform agreed duties at an alternative site (usually home) during some or all of the scheduled work hours.

Report on Financial Activity
Understanding the key terms and interpretation of the common accounting formats is the basis of this unit.

Government Funded Training (Business Courses)
In recent years there has been a strong commitment at national and state levels to make training more flexible, relevant and responsive to the needs of employers, industry and the community. Traditionally apprenticeships and traineeships have provided a combination of work with a structured training program for school leavers and employees entering or re-entering the workforce. This policy has been revised to allow existing workers (workers currently in the workforce) who need additional training and who meet the eligibility criteria to access qualifications.

Getting Started
Once you have decided to gain qualifications give us a call on 1800 812 908 and we can usually have you started with 2 to 4 weeks.

Overview - Enrol
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