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"Thanks for your support this year it was great and I was pleased to be able to complete IT Certificates II, III & IV. I would recommend and have recommended your computing course to others. It has been a pleasure doing the studies this year, which has enhanced my computer skills to a level which gives me a greater understanding of the PC. I will endeavour to go much further now that your course has given me a launch pad."
D.O, St Andrews, NSW

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Diploma of Business/Management

Overview - Enrol

This is a Diploma course requiring existing skills or Certificate IV qualifications. Eight units make up each course.
This course is Government Funded for existing workers.

Diploma of Business units:
BSBADM502B Manage meetings*
BSBADM503B Plan and manage conferences*
BSBADM504B Plan or review administrative systems*
BSBADM506B Manage business document design and development*
BSBHRM501A Manage human resources services^
BSBHRM502A Manage human resources management information systems^
BSBHRM504A Manage workforce planning^
BSBHRM505B Manage remuneration and employee benefits^
BSBHRM506A Manage recruitment, selection and induction processes^
BSBHRM507A Manage separation or termination^
BSBHRM509A Manage rehabilitation or return-to-work programs^
BSBHRM510A Manage mediation processes^
BSBLED502A Manage programs that promote personal effectiveness
BSBPUB504A Develop and implement crisis management plans
BSBINM501A Manage an information or knowledge management system
BSBRSK501A Manage risk
BSBSUS501A Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability
BSBWOR501A Manage personal work priorities and professional development
BSBMGT403A Implement continuous improvement
BSBPMG510A Manage projects

Diploma of Management units
BSBCUS501B Manage quality customer service*
BSBFIM501A Manage budgets and financial plans*
BSBINM501A Manage an information or knowledge management system*
BSBLED501A Develop a workplace learning environment*
BSBMGT502B Manage people performance*
BSBMGT515A Manage operational plan*
BSBMGT516C Facilitate continuous improvement*
BSBOHS509A Ensure a safe workplace*
BSBPMG510A Manage projects*
BSBRSK501A Manage risk*
BSBWOR501A Manage personal work priorities and professional development*
BSBWOR502B Ensure team effectiveness*
BSBCOM503B Develop processes for the management of breaches in compliance requirements
BSBHRM402A Recruit, select and induct staff
BSBHRM503B Manage performance management systems
BSBHRM504A Manage workforce planning
BSBINN502A Build and sustain an innovative work environment
BSBSUS501A Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability
BSBWRK509A Manage industrial relations
Any Certificate IV Business unit

Getting Started
Once you have decided to gain qualifications call our 1800 812 908 free call line and we can usually have you started with 2 to 4 weeks.

Overview - Enrol
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