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"the course was great course material was well and truly sufficient for a level 3 course has allowed me to apply for the police force"
B.S, Everton Hills, Queensland

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Sports Administrator

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The Sports Administrator can be used to:

  • Determine progressive totals during the carnival for teams, for individual competitors, for a particular age group, for a particular event and many more!
  • Produce the following reports and graphs:
    • Overall results (with graph).
    • Overall results by age.
    • Overall results by gender.
    • Overall results by age and gender.
    • Competitor results by event.
    • Event results (with graph).
    • Current records by event.
    • Competitor places by event.
    • Age champions.
    • General competitor lists.
    • All competitor results.
  • Determine which event records have been broken.
  • Conduct as many carnivals as necessary simultaneously and seamlessly.
  • Assign extra points for cheer leading, participation etc.
  • Send the results of a carnival to a web page. This is great for students (or parents) who want to check what result was gained in a particular event. Check it out here.
  • Promote competitors from one final level into the next (say from a semi-final into a grand final).
  • Generate "carnival disks" that can be sent to participating houses / schools / clubs for competitor nomination. These disks are returned and imported into the Sports Administrator which then automatically adds the competitor into the database and into the correct events. This alone can save hours of time for organisers of sports carnivals.
  • Create marshalling sheets to organise competitors and record competitor results.
  • Quickly enter competitor results for immediate processing and future reference.
  • Reuse the same carnival structure year after year. This means that setting up the carnival needs to happen only once.
  • Save all carnival results indefinitely. This means that any carnival statistic can be determined years after the running of the carnival.
  • Import competitors from a main administration database.

The Sports Administrator has the following features:

  • The software can be networked. This allows several people to enter results simultaneously. This is often necessary for large carnivals.
  • Any number of point scales can be used. This means that final places receive more points than semi-final places, which receive more points than quarter-final places and so on.
  • The Sports Administrator can automatically create event heats. This is very useful when there are dozens of heats to be entered.
  • The promotion of competitors from one final level to the next (ie. semi-final to grand-final) can be done in either a staggered or smooth manner.
  • Events can be numbered easily so that they appear in the correct order on reports and forms.
  • Competing houses / schools / clubs can be allocated a "competitor pool total". This can then be used to generate percentile results based on the number of competitors that the group had available to them. This is particularly useful when schools of vastly differing sizes compete against each other. It often gives a fairer indication of overall results.
  • The carnival organiser can customise the header and footer on all reports.
  • The Sports Administrator uses the familiar Microsoft Access user interface. The familiarity of the interface makes using the Sports Administrator easier.
  • The Sports Administrator is regularly updated to incorporate suggested changes and additions made by users of the program. Customised reports can be regularly added if deemed appropriate.
  • Results can be entered in place order or lane order depending upon which is easiest.
  • Events can be set up for ages under or over a certain age.
  • Competitors from a particular house / school / club can be assigned default lanes.
  • The lanes into which competitors are promoted can be specified. Higher place getters can be assigned the middle lanes whilst lower place getters the outside lanes.
  • Print the results as a Web page.

Overview - Features - Testimonials - Screenshots - Purchase
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